How to Load Styles

In this lesson, we’ll learn

  • What a Styles Effect is
  • How to Load a Style
  • Where to Find the Style in Photoshop Elements

What is a Styles Effect?

Layer Styles are a way to add effects to a layer in Photoshop Elements.   The Styles effect will continually update itself as a layer is edited or moved.  Styles can be adjusted after they’re applied to a layer and are non-destructive in nature.  Styles allow you to add glows, drop shadows, textures, bevels and much more.  They are used to add depth and change the appearance of the element they’re applied to.  They’re eye-candy!

How to Load a Style

Loading a Styles Effect in Photoshop Elements is amazingly simple.  First, download a new style. Go to your downloads folder and find the style you just downloaded.  Extract it to your Actions & Styles folder.  Open PSE to load the style.  Go to Effect> Styles>


Open the Drop Down menu in the upper right corner. Click Load Styles.


Find your Actions and Styles folder. Select the Style to load. Click Load.


Where to Find the Style in PSE

The new Style is now available in your Styles list.



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