How to Use Droplet (Drag and Drop) Templates

In This Lesson

In this lesson, we’ll learn about Drag & Drop Templates

  • Make a gorgeous layout in about 5 minutes
  • Use Drag and Drop in Photoshop Elements 15
  • Or click to add paper or photo
  • Easily alter the paper or photo
  • Easily alter Droplet Drag and Drop Template
  • Add embellishments to make it your own


For this tutorial, I am using one of Snickerdoodle Designs Droplet Drag and Drop Templates as well as her kit, Harvest Sunset.



Now you’ll have time to get your cherished photos scrapped and have a life too because Droplet Drag and Drop templates are so fast and easy!


Open the Droplet Drag and Drop Template

If you have used a template before, the first thing you’ll notice is the Layers Panel and Photo Boxes (Frames) look different.  As you add photos and papers they’ll look even more different!  This is because of one of the new PSE15 features-grouping.



You can click the text in the Frame (photo box) to add a paper or element.  This opens the Choose Photo box.  Click the paper you want to add then click Place.  It will automatically resize.



Or you may prefer to open all the papers, photos, and elements you want to use, then drag them from the Photo Bin and drop them in the Photo Box.



After placing the paper/element you’ll see a little box open within the box.  Use the slider to change the size of the photo.  You can also move the photo, as needed.  Be careful when moving the paper/photo around that you stay with the Photo Box.  If you want to go back to make changes to a Frame area later, just double-click the box and the box will reopen.

Note: If you want to go back to make changes to a Frame area later, just double-click the box and the change, rotate, replace box will reopen.




Choose the icon next to the slider to rotate the photo.



Changed your mind?  No problem, you can easily replace the photo by choosing the icon on the right.  OR you can simply drag & drop a different photo or paper into the box.



When the background paper is added you’ll notice more differences in the Layer Panel.  No clipping needed.



Easily Alter the Template (if desired)

In the image of the template above you’ll notice there were three Frames (photo boxes) in the top, left corner of the template.  I decided to change that to one box.  Here’s how to do it.

The left box is Frame1 in the Layers Panel.  To open the Frame1 Group click the > arrow.  With the Group open and the Mask Layer selected, drag the box to the right to resize.



Add the paper/photo you want in that box either by clicking the text, selecting the paper, Click Place OR Drag & Drop paper from Photo Bin.  Hide Frame2 and Frame 3, you don’t need them.

Adding Embellishments

But, we’re not through yet!  If you’re like me we have to dress it up a little more.

I was originally told the image would need to be flattened before any embellishments could be added.  Fortunately, that was incorrect.  But it is a little tricky.

Before adding embellishments, be sure you are at the top of the Layers Panel, above all of the grouped layers. Some templates have a blank layer instructing you to add embellishment above that layer, others do not.

Simply go to the top layer, click File> Place, just like any other template to add other elements. As mentioned above, notice Frame 2 and Frame 3 are hidden.




Adding Embellishments  (Alternate Method)


Some people prefer to place a merged image at the top of the Layers Panel as a marker.  This makes it easy to remember to add embellishments above the merged image.

To create a merged image.

Select the top layer, hold the Shift key and select the bottom layer.  This will select all the layers in the Layers Panel.



Ctrl + Alt + E will create a merged image at the top of the Layers Panel.

With this layer selected, start placing embellishments by selecting File> Place as with any type of template.



Create Gorgeous Layouts in 5 Minutes or Less

For this layout, I wanted to keep it simple.  That’s no problem because Karen has included some gorgeous pre-made borders and clusters.  So I added a couple of pre-made items and text then called it a day.



I think it turned out gorgeous and only took a few minutes from start to finish.

Download the PDF.

Special Note for PSE10-14 Users:  If you are using Photoshop Elements 10-14 the templates work much the same.  You can click on the text to add or drag & drop.  The paper/photo will automatically resize and clip to the correct box but you will not have groups.  Which may be easier?