Shortcut Keys for Selecting Tools



Shortcut Key to Select Tools

How to use Shortcut Keys for Selecting Tools-Hold the Shift key + the letter for the tool.  Cycle through nested tools by holding the Shift key and the letter multiple times.  (Alternatively, hold the Alt key while clicking the tool repeatedly with the mouse.)

First, be sure to enable “Use Shift Key for Tool Switch” in Edit> Preferences> General> OK.shortcutkeys4tools

Use Shift Key + Cycle through tools that have the same shortcut key.
A Magic Wand tool
  Selection Brush tool
  Quick Selection tool
B Brush tool
  Impressionist Brush
  Color Replacement tool
C Crop tool
D Default foreground/background colors
E Eraser tool
  Background Eraser tool
  Magic Eraser tool
F Smart Brush tool 
  Detail Smart Brush tool
G Gradient tool
Hand tool
I Eyedropper tool
J Spot Healing Brush tool
  Healing Brush tool
K Paint Bucket tool
L Lasso tool 
  Magnetic Lasso tool
  Polygonal Lasso tool
M Rectangular Marquee tool
  Elliptical Marquee tool
N Pencil tool
O Sponge tool
  Dodge tool
  Burn tool
P Straighten tool
Q Content Aware tool
R Blur tool
  Sharpen tool
  Smudge tool
S Clone Stamp tool
  Pattern Stamp tool
T Text tool – Horizontal Type
  Text tool – Vertical Type
  Text tool – Horizontal Type Mask
  Text tool – Vertical Type Mask
  Text tool – Text on Selection
  Text tool – Text on Shape
  Text tool – Text on Path
U Custom Shape tools-Rectangle tool, Rounded Rectangle tool,
  Ellipse tool, Polygon tool, Star tool, Line tool, Shape Selection tool
V Move tool
W Recompose tool
X Switch foreground/background colors
Y Red Eye Removal tool
Z Zoom tool
Tab Show/Hide all panels
Cycle through Alt + Click tool
nested tools  

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