Monthly Archives: September 2013

What About Close-Ups?

What about Close-ups?  I love them!  Digital cameras, and even cell phone cameras, have come a long way since their inception.  These fantastic cameras make it easy to snap tons of photos.  The quality has improved so much you can zoom in on those great shots to get fantastic close-ups.

When you use a very large close-up in your layout you may not need a lot of embellishments but by strategically placing them you can enhance the overall look.

In the example below, I used a picture I took today of our Mini-Schnauzer Sweetie.  She loves to hunt grasshoppers!  I was hoping to get several in a series of hunting shots but one got away and she was off to catch it.  But I love this shot!  The playful feel & muted, minimal embellishments enhance the pic while leaving room for the title “Hunting Grasshoppers”.  So keep going for that great shot, enlarge and crop it.  Close-ups are winners every time!

Hunting GrasshopperCredits: I used layout sketch #6 in my Kindle eBook “Scrapbook Layout Sketches-Volume 2”.  Click the image below to get the book.  The kit is One Fine Day by Kimeric Kreations.  Word Art Dancing Script and TXT Abrasive.