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How to Recolor Styles Effectively in Photoshop Elements

How many times have you tried to recolor styles in Photoshop Elements but the result was all wrong?  The color you got wasn’t even close to what you were going for so you decided it wasn’t even possible.  Let me assure you it is!   I’ve written a tutorial on Scrapaneers blog to explain this process and how to get a perfect color match here.  I also have another tutorial using different Styles here.  I also explain what happens if you try to recolor Styles without going through these steps.  I suggest you check out both tutorials for a thorough understanding.  Thanks for looking.

Top View Scrapbook Layout

Top View Design

Desk top view is a trend that’s been around awhile in web design and I’ve based this layout on the view from above.  This trend relies heavily on viewing items on a desk or table top from first person perspective.  This type of layout works best using realistic-looking objects.  You can find realistic items in some kits or extract them yourself.

A “Snapshot” Layout

Most of the items used for this layout are from ET Designs kit, In My Kitchen.  The iPhone and granite background are from my own stash.  With realism in mind, objects should be sized appropriately in comparison with other items in the arrangement.  It should feel like a snapshot of the activity depicted in the layout.


Can you think of ways you can incorporate top view in some of your layouts?

Droplet Drag and Drop Templates

Have you tried the Droplet Drag and Drop templates for PSE15 yet?  They’re so easy you can complete a fabulous layout in five minutes or less.  What?? Yes, that’s right.  I have a new tutorial to show you just how easy it is.  You’re going to love it.  As a bonus, these templates can actually be used in Photoshop Elements versions 10-14 too.  The drag & drop feature was introduced with version 10 but the grouping included with these templates only works in PSE15. But it’s really no problem.  The paper or photo or journal card still resizes automatically and automatically clips to the Frame (photo box).  So check out my tutorial and give them a try!