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New Release My Memories Suite Version 6

My Memories Suite has just released the new version 6.  It looks like it has some really cool new features!  If you have been waiting to purchase My Memories Suite now may be the time!  Use discount code STMMMS57865 for instant savings plus after you’ve made your purchase you’ll receive an email with a coupon to save $10 in store.

Watch a short video to see some of the highlights  by clicking here.

So copy & paste the code STMMMS57865 at check out to get $10 off this easy to use software. Then use the $10 coupon in the confirmation email you’ll receive to shop in the My Memories Store.  If you take advantage of this offer please comment on this post and tell me what you think.  With your permission, I may use your comments in a future post about the software.

Have fun!

Hashtags Tell the Story

Hashtags are still somewhat of a mystery to me but I’ve realized I can use hashtags to tell the story on a scrapbook page.  My husband recently asked me to explain the use of hashtags. I couldn’t really give him a good explanation, because I still don’t really get it myself, but I can use them in a less conventional way that makes sense to me.  Hashtags can say it all.  They can tell the story!

Hashtag Feel the Burn

I love finding new and different ways to tell the story in a layout.  Sometimes a great title is all you need.  I’ve also used titles with subtitles to give a little more information.  One thing I especially like about using hashtags is they also tell a separate story about something that’s popular at a particular time in history.  #hashtags #tellthestory #saymorewithless

Photo-less Layouts

What do you think about photo-less layouts?  I’ve heard people say they haven’t scrapped lately because they don’t have any great photos or they don’t feel inspired.  What about scrapping less than perfect photos or no photos at all?  Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part.

I think layouts without photos are another great way to record everyday life.  When you look at old photos from your parents, grandparents or even great great grandparents do you ever wonder what everyday life was like for them.  Do you wish you had more insight into their thoughts and dreams?  I know I do.

Here are a few ideas for layouts using something besides photos:

  • Inspirational or favorite quotes
  • Favorites lists (a great thing to do each birthday)
  • Funny things your kids say or do (out of the mouth of babes)
  • Facts about someplace you visited
  • Birth statistics
  • Invitations

If you think about yourself and some of the things you wish you knew about your ancestors or things you’d like future generations to remember about you & your immediate family it’s easy.

I love Dr. Seuss and I’ve passed that love down to my son & he’s passed it down to his kids. Dr. Seuss had some profound things to say.  Here’s a layout made with one of my favorite quotes.

Youer Than You quote

A page like this in a family album would bring smiles to some faces and open up conversations about how much we all loved Dr. Seuss.  Add Happy Birthday!  across the top & it would make a very cute birthday card.

Scrapbooker: Then and Now

I recently saw a cute definition of “scrapbooker” on Pinterest.  I know there are still traditional paper scrappers around so the title may be a little misleading but once you go digital I can’t imagine anyone going back.  Anyway, I thought the definition needed a little updating so I made this page.

Scrapbooker Then & Now

Since scrapping & shopping for scrapping stuff can be quite time consuming when do traditional scrappers have time to get all the supplies out then clean up & put everything back when done.  That’s one of my favorite things about digi scrapping – no cleanup!  Instant, or fairly instant, gratification is also quite nice.

True, there are a lot of similarities but I vote digi all the way.  Bonus; it’s easier to share your layouts and get inspiration from other scrappers that share their layouts too.  Fun, fun, fun!

Kit used I’d Rather Be Scrapping by Kimeric Kreations.  Font Little Black Dress.