DigiScrappingTips Challenge 6/3

The challenge word/thought for today is “On My Plate”.  I decided to go rather literally 🙂  I’ve made the commitment to try to add more fruits, vegetables, raw nuts & seeds to my diet.   For breakfast every morning I have a fruit smoothy.  This gives me the 4-5 fruit servings I should have every day which I probably wouldn’t get any other way.  Plus I get my dairy serving as well.  I try to eat a salad most days but if I miss I still get vegies in the cabbage/vegie soup I have every day for lunch!  Some people would get tired of the same thing every day but so far I still love it. So here is my entry for “On My Plate”.  The kit I used for this layout is Strawberry Fields by Danielle Engebretson.


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