Page Builders!


I love a challenge!  Today Barbara Plett, one of the designers from My Memories, made an offer I couldn’t refuse.  She would give me a product to try and all I had to do was create a layout using My Memories Suite and tell how I did it.  Win, win, win.
I chose Page Builder 15.  My final layout above started with the template on the right.  If you have a hard time creating a layout from scratch or you’re just in a hurry, try Page Builders.  They each come with a set of templates, in this case 4.  Each is already laid out and all you have to do is drop in the papers, elements and photos that you want to use. You can use it as is or change and rearrange any way you’d like.  To begin you create a new album with a designer template.  Scroll down the list to find the page builder.  Then you can add, delete, or rearrange the pages however you like. And if you want, you can actually let the program automatically insert the photos.  Personally I like to do that myself.
You can use elements from any kit.  I decided to use a couple of kits from Albums to Remember because they were great for these photos.  I used All in a Day and Hawaii.  The font is Janda Elegant Handwriting. 
As you can see, I made a few changes to the overall layout.  First I deleted the lower, right photo box & expanded the one beside it to accommodate the wider photo I wanted to use. Then I grouped all the clustered elements so I could easily move them, just hold the Ctrl key and select each item in the cluster, then choose arrange and group.   When you’re happy with the arrangement, with the group selected choose arrange and ungroup.  Then I inserted the papers & elements I wanted to use.  It’s easy to do.  To insert a photo or paper you just click a photo box or shape and fill it with the photo or paper you choose.  I filled some of the “photo boxes” with papers I liked.  I zoomed in on them so you could see the pattern better.  The 2 boxes with orange background and white/blue flowers were actually banners.  I just zoomed in and used the area I wanted.  You can check out this and other Page Builders at


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