I took a photo with my son swinging on a rope from a tree and extracted just that portion to use on this page.  The acrylic font is a freebie from Designs by MSPeeler.  The kit is Summer Dream-Meadow (CollabGirls).  This page was made for today’s word challenge “On The Floor”.  In south Texas floor and ground are synonyms, lol!


2 thoughts on “Extractions!

  1. Arlene

    Awesome job Yobeth. I love it. Never heard that expression before… on the floor in reference to the ground. Yay for extractions … haven’t done one in awhile. I’ll add it to my to-do list, haha. Yours is super cute.

    1. Scraptious

      Once when I called a customer she told me “I just barely got here”. I thought she’d been in an accident or near miss so I said Oh no! What happened? She said, Nothing! I just barely got here. She actually meant she had just gotten to her business. LOL!



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