You're Number 1 at MemoryMixer

Isn’t it great when the stars line up and everything falls into place?  This weekend I submitted an article to DigiScrappingDivas about the importance of providing excellent customer service.  You can read the entire article here.  It’s about businesses that fail to recognize their biggest asset, their customers.  Within hours I had the opportunity to witness the flip side, excellent customer service.  Here’s what happened.

I received a message on my Facebook page from a lady that had used my link  to purchase MemoryMixer v4 software and save $10.  She did everything right.  She had gotten the confirming email with the product key and was excited to download the software and get started.  But the download was not available.  That’s not the good part!  She contacted me and I tried to help her by suggesting a few things to try on her computer, sending some emails and reassuring her that we’ll get it figured out.  I’m not an employee of MemoryMixer so my powers are limited.  She also reached out on another Facebook page for fans of the software.  Thankfully this is a company that uses their page to reach out and support their customers.  Nicole, an employee at MemoryMixer, came to the rescue.  She identified the problem and resolved it right away.  In addition, I received a email reply from another helpful employee, Kristan.  I think this is extra-impressive since it’s a holiday weekend.  It’s a win/win/win!  Thank you MemoryMixer for providing excellent customer service!

If you would like to try MemoryMixer and save $10 instantly click the image below.

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