I love the new release “Dreamcatcher” by Kimeric Kreations so much I had to create two layouts using it.  The first is a reminder to dream big, make a plan and proceed one step at a time.  Sometimes we look at the big picture, the end result when we think of our dreams or goals. This can be overwhelming.  But when we break it down into the smaller steps that lead to the end result we can make progress.  I used Feeling Square..ish Template by JoCee Designs.

One Step At A Time

The second layout was created for the March Quote Challenge at The Digichick.  It’s another “note to self” that if God is for me, and He is, then it doesn’t matter who’s against me.  For this layout, I used Sugar Cravings Template by Christaly.

Thoughts of Peace


Layout #1

Layout #2




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