New Releases at The Digichick March 29, 2018

Wow! Can you believe March is almost over?  New releases today are the last for this month but do not fear, they’re on sale into April!  Kit names under each layout are linked to the store.

I designed the first layout with a message in mind.  After hearing an adult make an unkind remark to their child my heart was really burdened.  Sometimes others say something that hurt us to our soul.  Children especially take it to heart and put in a loop in their head that stays with them a long time, in some cases a lifetime!  When I posted my two layouts I realized the second one’s sentiment ran parallel to the first.  Watch your words!  The can cut deep creating a wound that leaves scars and can break spirits.

That’s my PSA for the day.  Thanks for looking and listening.

Kit: Everyday Stories-Home

Designer: Kimeric Kreations

Font: Sketch Fine Serif Regular


Kit: The Faith Project-Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Designer: Sherwood Studio


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