Eek! Strange, Stranger, Strangest

Today’s challenge word is stranger.  The woman in this photo sat down beside me at the car wash.  I was considering asking if I could take a picture of her finger nails but about that time she moved outside to wait.  I took the opportunity to get a picture looking over her shoulder.  Sneaky, I know!  I don’t know what her story is but I do know there is no way she could do anything with nails that long.  Really makes you wonder how she does some of the necessary daily things everyone has to do.  Plus how in the world does she dial that phone?

1 thought on “Eek! Strange, Stranger, Strangest

  1. Arlene

    EEEK!!!! is right! I’ve seen things like that on National Geographic but never in person. Not a big fan of those monsters, lol. Sneaky way to get the pics though! Cool LO …. great job Yobeth 🙂



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