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Photo Word Challenge-Clock!

When you’re young people always tell you not to rush growing up because times goes by so fast.  Of course, no one ever listens!  It seems like yesterday my son was a toddler and today he has a daughter who will be five in a couple more months!  The kit is Southern Magnolias by Touched By A Butterfly.  Check out her store.  She’s having her Grand Opening and everything is 35% off until 7/27 use this code TBAB35 at checkout. 

Time Flies

3 Challenges in One

I managed to get 3 challenges complete with one layout.  The kit I used is Designs by Laura Burger facebook freebie for June.  I used a free template by The WeeFaerie Ring, The Photo word challenge for today is “plate” thus A lot on my plate. Woo Hoo! Here’s the layout.

A Lot on My Plate

Birthday Party!

Here are some pictures of my granddaughter’s first birthday!  She didn’t feel well that day but she rallied round.  The kit I used is Birthday Party from Digi Cyber Scraps available at

Birthday Party 1

Today's Challenge Word – Signs

Today’s challenge word is signs.  I love going to antique stores and looking at all the goodies.  This kit “Southern Magnolias” by Touched By A Butterfly has so many great elements I just had to make this page.  One thing you can always find in an antique store is signs.  I love ’em.


Today's Challenge Word-Finger

This was not a “let’s finger paint” moment. My sweet, creative granddaughter work up before daddy.  I guess she didn’t see the need to wake him up so she got into her mommies oil paint and got busy. When daddy woke up she was asleep beside him (I guess she wore herself out) and blue from head to toe!  Freaked him out, lol!!  It was a very smurfy day!

Let's Paint


Today’s photo challenge word is building.  We have a lot of building going on in our small town.  The interstate is being widened and taking out half of our town.  It’s out with the old and in with the new.  We no longer have a bank, we have an ITM!  We’ve gotten a new shopping center and a Dollar General store now. Woo Hoo!  Ch-ch-ch-changes all around.  For this layout I used Southern Magnolias by Touched By A Butterfly.