My DigiDesignResort Nightmare

The saga continues!  I recently wrote an article about “How to Fail in Business!” on the DigiScrappingDivas website here.  In that article, I mentioned a company I was having difficulty with but didn’t mention their name.  I had ordered a DVD on May 3rd but they sent the wrong one.  I sent her an email with a screen shot of the table of contents to show her which disc I received and also to show her the poor quality.  As you can see, on the right hand side of the table of contents the titles are blacked out.  The videos were poor quality as well.

Poor Quality Table of Contents

After a few days, Monja agreed they had made a mistake and they’d mail me the correct DVD.  She said to keep the first DVD to make amends. I didn’t want or need it because it was beginner scrapbook lessons using Photoshop.  I’m not a beginner and don’t use Photoshop!  When the mail was delivered on May 24th I was excited to see the replacement disc had arrived.  Imagine my disappointment when I inserted the DVD and found they had sent the wrong DVD again.  I guess they’re consistent,  they sent the SAME “wrong” DVD – twice!  I emailed them again and filed a dispute with PayPal.

On May 29th I was notified that DigiDesignResort declined my $49.95 refund unless and until I returned both DVD’s.   I reluctantly agreed and told her when she gets them back she should put them in her computer and check the quality.  The first DVD table of contents was flawed & the videos were poor quality plus on the second DVD, the table of contents page was blank.   She replied, Ops – you shouldn’t write something like that where you cannot delete it anymore. You know that it is criminal to say something like that? You should never damage anyone’s reputation.  Strange though that you haven’t said anything about that – you actually said that they both contain the wrong data…  She also mentioned here she could have sent me download links instead!  I told her just because the table of contents page is blank doesn’t mean I can’t see the exact same files are on the disc, duh!  I also advised her I wasn’t the one damaging her reputation and it’s not illegal to tell others the truth about my experience dealing with Digidesignresort.

The return address she provided was incomplete but I guess it was a good thing, the postal clerk estimated the postage at $25.00!  I sent her another message trying to reason with her.  I said, “You hadn’t mentioned before that it could be downloaded. I’d be willing to download it if I can only get the correct product. The post office estimated the cost to return the DVD’s at $25 which is entirely unreasonable for me to have to pay since I have done nothing wrong. Surely you agree I have not caused any of the problem and that it is reasonable to expect to receive the product I ordered. Forgive me but I just don’t understand why it’s a problem.”  I also told her it’s illegal to have the receiver pay return shipping for an unsolicited product.  She told me it may be illegal in the U.S. but not in Germany!  We were getting nowhere fast.

A friend suggested I post a comment on her Facebook page, then maybe she’d feel compelled to make things right.  She deleted my post promptly and banned me from her Facebook page!  Then I got the following message from her, “I won’t discuss that  further because it is not the law in your country which applies but in mine (Germany). So you might want to investigate that.  As I said, it’s not necessary.   I’m happy to refund the money when you send the DVDs back – which is actually fair. You won’t ever receive money back if you don’t send the goods back you received.   I’m happy to provide you with the download links though.   No need to post any bad messages on Facebook, etc. That is not professional but ILLEGAL.”

REALLY?  So you know something about being professional?  You think it’s fair to ask me to spend $25+ to return two DVD’s that I didn’t order & that cost you 50 cents or less!  Then this “professional” business woman had the nerve to call me a liar!  This is the next email she sent,I will ignore that you posted a message on Facebook, really it makes me believe you definitely DON’T want to solve the issue but spread bad words. Anyway, as soon as you close the Paypal issue I’m happy to send you the links to download the DVD. Beside that, it is not $25 to send the DVDs back.  Imagine this: You buy something on Amazon you are not happy with and you claim your money back without sending the goods back? That will never happen nor does it with the DVDs.  So wether you send them back and I’m happy to refund the money or you close the issue and I’m happy to provide you with the download links as soon as the Email comes through.”

This woman is clueless!  These messages went back and forth for a week, some emails and some on PayPal and one of Facebook.  I think the Facebook message had the most effect since she finally agreed to give me the links.  I did send her another email and attached screen shots of her website showing what I ordered and what I got in hopes she’d send me the CORRECT links plus the postal website that shows the actual postage would be $27.85!  I refer to them as Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2.  In reference to her Amazon comment I explained it really wasn’t the same thing.  I didn’t receive something I was not happy with; I received something I didn’t order, the wrong product.  If Amazon sends the wrong product they take care of any return shipping.

Exhibit 1 Exhibit 2

Plus you’ll notice in her message above, she told me she’d send the links after I closed my dispute.  Based on my experience, I first told her I was unsure of her intent in wanting me to close the dispute first.  I started to do it but PayPal warns you NOT to close the dispute until everything is settled because it can’t be reopened or escalated to a claim once it’s closed.  So I sent her another message telling her I’d have to get the product before I could close the dispute.  She agreed to do it.  So, after a month, I finally got the product!

Another funny thing, that little round, gold emblem on each product in Exhibit 1 says “Quality Checked”.  After the experience I have had I don’t believe they check anything.   After I downloaded the product I checked to be sure everything was in order before closing the dispute.  I found 3 papers missing.  I emailed her and told her I had closed the dispute and that papers 40, 44 & 46 were blank.  I told her she could email me the papers if she chose.  She did email them but apparently, once again, didn’t check them first.  The attachments were blank as well.

This is the story of  my first and only order with  I have purchased a lot of digital scrapbooking products but this is the first time I’ve been treated like a thief and a liar.   I ordered a product from them, paid $49.95 and then they treat me like it’s my fault they sent the wrong thing twice.  Any time I have ever had a problem with a download from any store or designer they have been apologetic and quick to correct the situation.  I will never buy another product from and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone else.   I have unsubscribed from their emails so I will never be tempted.  They send a lot of high pressure, times running out, get it before the price goes up type emails.  As a matter of fact, that is why I bought this DVD. When I got the Exhibit 1 screen shots two days ago I noticed the price is still $49.95.  Lies, Imagine that!  And personally I think the product is still overpriced.

So buyer beware.  In my humble opinion digidesignresort sucks.  My review would give them five thumbs down.

2 thoughts on “My DigiDesignResort Nightmare

  1. Rosemary

    Great verification and examples. Something needed to be done and you did it! Very well put! Thanks for sharing!



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