Put Our Digi Detectives to Work!

Our peeps at Divas’ Detectives have a fun job.  Truthfully, it’s more fun than job!  If you have been looking for the perfect kit to scrap your latest event but just haven’t been able to find it, no worries, let us help.  We’ve all been there, we’re looking for the perfect kit, color or theme but just can’t seem to find it.  Well you’ll be happy to know we’ve recognized the need and provided a resource to help.  Join Divas’ Detectives Facebook group here, tell us what you’re looking for and members of the group will point you in the right direction.

Divas Detectives

Of course, once you’ve joined the group you can also help others find just what they’re looking for.  You see scrapbookers are a very generous group and love to help each other.  So head on over and join the group, you’ll be glad you did.


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