One Click Color Changing in PSPx6

Have you ever found the perfect element you’d like to use but it’s the wrong color?  Did you know it’s easy to change the color of elements to the perfect color?  Yep, that right, you can do it with one click!   Check out this easy tutorial.

Maybe you’ve wondered how that special blouse would look in a different color.  It’s easy to find out!  Or maybe you’re fixing to post a photo but think you’d look a lot better if you had worn you royal blue instead of light blue.  No problem, you’re just one-click away from perfection.  You may not be able to buy one in every color but it can look like you did!

Blouse Changer

There, now that looks better.  Post that baby then let’s all have some ice cream!

This works for elements on your digital scrapbook pages too.  One-click, new color!




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