Eeek! Snake!

My Fridays aren’t usually so exciting!  I had to go into town, about 30 miles round trip, to go to the bank.  I decided to take my sports car because I hadn’t driven it in about three weeks.  I had decided to drive it to church Sunday so I thought I’d top off the tank.  I pulled up to the pump then turned around to shut the door.  Something caught my eye which, to my horror, turned out to be a snake coiled up in the door frame of my car! 

I heard myself saying Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God!  A lady two pumps over asked if I was okay to which I replied, No! There’s a snake in my car, Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God! This apparently woke the snake and he proceeded to slither INTO my car, up the floor mat and behind the dash board.

A man pulled up on the other side of the second pump down.  Thankfully, he used to be a biology teacher and LIKED snakes.  From my description he said it sounded like a Texas Rat snake.  He got his flashlight and tried to locate the snake but couldn’t see it.  He assured me it was more scared than me but I assured him that wasn’t possible.  He told me I’d be safe to drive home.  He was “sure” the snake wouldn’t come out BUT if it did, it’s not poisonous. 

Everyone went on their way except me.  I couldn’t figure out what to do.  I knew I couldn’t drive the car home.  My husband was out of town so I couldn’t call him.  I could leave it there and call a cab or maybe have it towed home.  While I was trying to think a truck pulled up beside me and the former biology teacher offered to let me drive his truck home and he’d follow in my car.  No, I didn’t know this man but the lady from the second pump down knew him.  She taught special ed and would take groups of children to a facility that he ran.  I jumped at the offer!

Here is a layout I made.  The snake in the layout is not the snake from my car.  The one in my car was much smaller and it may still be in my car for all I know!  But when this was going on I didn’t have time or even think about getting that rascals picture!

Thank God for sending that man to rescue me.  Yes, God still answers prayer!



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