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Top 10 Reasons to Love Digi Scrapping

Today I want to share my top ten reasons to love digi (digital) scrapping.  They are in no particular order and there could easily be ten more.

  1. I love making everyday moments into memories of a lifetime.
  2. There is not a bunch of supplies to drag out before I can start creating.
  3. There is no mess to clean up (except filing downloads on your computer).
  4. It’s green!  There is no waste and everything is recyclable.
  5. Kits and collections can be mixed and matched and used over and over again.
  6. I can do it anytime, anywhere.
  7. It’s so much better than photo albums because stories are recorded too.
  8. There is no tedious cutting and pasting.
  9. It’s easy to arrange, rearrange or start completely over if I don’t like a result.
  10. They make great gifts.  A gift that keeps on giving!

photo of gift

Put smiles on some faces this year and next.  Scrapbooks make wonderful gifts for any season. Individual pages are also great gifts.  There are so many different gift ideas such as prints (framed or unframed), posters, canvas prints, calendars, cups, blankets and pillows to name a few.

What are your top ten reasons for digi scrapping?

12 Reasons I Love Digital Scrapbooking

I’m sure there are many reasons why digital scrappers prefer digital scrapping over traditional. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive. These are just a few of the reasons I love digital.

Scrap Artist

1. All of my photos and supplies are easily accessible in one place.
2. They take up very little physical space, about the size of a laptop or desktop computer!
3. It’s easy to store duplicates (or triplicates) of photos & supplies in a safe place, on or off site.
4. When I want to get some scrapping done, I just pick up my laptop and get started.
5. When I’m ready for a break, I just save my work and close my laptop.
6. No messes to clean up.
7. Multi-tasking. I can scrap, chat on Facebook, check my email, find a perfect kit, purchase it & download it all at the same time.
8. There is a huge community of like minded people that are now my friends.
9. Supplies can be reused. It’s easy to add, delete, rotate or tweak layouts until you’re satisfied.
10. You’re making everyday moments into memories of a lifetime.  Preserve those memories!
11. Make one of a kind scrapbooks for yourself, your family and friends. They’ll be glad you did.
12. Have fun while exploring your creativity, learning new things and exercising your brain.

Passport to Creativity

That’s just 12 reasons I love digital scrapbooking. I could go on and on.  I’m sure you can identify with some or all of these and then some. Leave me a comment and tell me, what do you love most about digital scrapping.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is indeed the best medicine.   How many times has your spirit been lifted when someone told you a funny or heartwarming story?  What about when a grand child comes to visit and their mere presence lights up your world?    Why are we drawn to that optimistic person that livens up the party with great jokes and funny anecdotes?  These stories, jokes and people make us feel better.  They’re good medicine!

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Even when someone is already feeling “pretty good”, laughter still makes them feel better!  So smile, be kind, offer words of encouragement, you may never know who needs a healthy dose of the best medicine.  And this medicine has no harmful side-effects.

The bible says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

Photo-less Layouts

What do you think about photo-less layouts?  I’ve heard people say they haven’t scrapped lately because they don’t have any great photos or they don’t feel inspired.  What about scrapping less than perfect photos or no photos at all?  Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part.

I think layouts without photos are another great way to record everyday life.  When you look at old photos from your parents, grandparents or even great great grandparents do you ever wonder what everyday life was like for them.  Do you wish you had more insight into their thoughts and dreams?  I know I do.

Here are a few ideas for layouts using something besides photos:

  • Inspirational or favorite quotes
  • Favorites lists (a great thing to do each birthday)
  • Funny things your kids say or do (out of the mouth of babes)
  • Facts about someplace you visited
  • Birth statistics
  • Invitations

If you think about yourself and some of the things you wish you knew about your ancestors or things you’d like future generations to remember about you & your immediate family it’s easy.

I love Dr. Seuss and I’ve passed that love down to my son & he’s passed it down to his kids. Dr. Seuss had some profound things to say.  Here’s a layout made with one of my favorite quotes.

Youer Than You quote

A page like this in a family album would bring smiles to some faces and open up conversations about how much we all loved Dr. Seuss.  Add Happy Birthday!  across the top & it would make a very cute birthday card.

Color Me Happy!

I am loving all the colorful kits coming out with the yellows, reds, oranges & blues, they just make me happy!  Fall and winter colors tend to be a bit depressing to me.  Then you’ve got the Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day drivel.  Sorry if I stepped on any toes but it would be nice if everyone didn’t jump on that band wagon.  But now it’s April, yay April!  Although there are, unfortunately, a lot of pastels for Easter there are also some gorgeous kits with yellows, reds, oranges & blues.  These colors make me very happy!

Color Me Happy!Kit used Happy Mess from Scrapyrus Designs.


Selfies-A Sad Reflection

Selfies are a sad reflection of our self absorbed society.  Selfies are everywhere!  I am astonished, annoyed and a little perplexed at the volume of selfies on Facebook and Instagram.  I have many friends that seem to have become obsessed with posting these pictures of themselves every day.  Sometimes multiple times a day!  There is either the head shot taken with their phone camera, smiling and looking up slightly or the full body mirror shot.  Give me a break!  You really haven’t changed much since yesterday or two hours ago for that matter.  It’s narcissism run amuck.

I posed this comment on Facebook, “Why do some peeps insist on posting selfies multiple times a day/week?  It’s annoying and just seems sad. I just don’t get it I guess.”

Here are a few of the responses to my question.  One friend said she posts them to “update pics” and “because I feel good. Why is that sad?”.  Then from a couple of friends that don’t post selfies I got these responses, “narcissism?”, and “They have to feel good on Facebook…. very sad indeed! Needing constant validation from people you don’t even know is not healthy.”

Look at Me

The first friend took offense at the anti selfie comments and said as much.  She then told me to feel free to hide her posts or delete her if her selfies annoy me.  It was a general question not directed at any particular person but this friend promptly deleted (unfriended) me!  How narcissistic is that?  That response proved the validity of the other comments.

Selfies are synonymous with narcissism which is defined as an inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; and vanity.  Like Narcissus, they’ve fallen in love with their own reflection.  While they may say their selfies demonstrate how secure they are or that they feel so good about themselves, it really shows their insecurity and a need for approval and admiration.  Too many selfies are just sad.  Please stop the insanity!  The majority of your friends will appreciate it.