My Perfect Day!

If you had to describe your “Perfect Day” what would it look like?  For me nothing could be better than spending time with my husband, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.  In a few short months I’ll be able to add grandson to that list, yay.  We don’t live in close proximity so when we are able to get together I am perfectly happy just to spend time together.  If I was able to move closer to them I could have a whole bunch of perfect days.  I’d love to be able to be there for every day activities like dance recitals, swimming lessons, school programs, field trips and soon feeding, burping and changing the baby.  Hey a girl can dream!

I’ve been trying to persuade Paw Paw to  sell our business and retire.  Then I’d be able to be the mother and grandmother I’ve always wanted to be.  Here is a layout of my last perfect day.  It’s been over six months and we overdue a visit.  Hopefully that’ll happen later this month.

Celebrate Life


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