Newsletters, Yay or Nay?

NewslettersNewsletters, yay or nay? I get tons of scrap related email and newsletters every day.  I love some and some drive me away screaming!  When I check my email inbox I’m often surprised at the sheer volume that have been delivered overnight.  This is what I’ve learned from this vast assortment.

They are not all created equal.  I don’t like to be bombarded with too much information in one newsletter.  Just keep it clean and interesting.  I don’t like newsletters that are pages and pages of ads!  Especially those ads that look like business cards two or three columns wide.  Stop!  That’s information overload!

I like freebies but many of my favorite newsletters don’t give freebies and it doesn’t matter.  No freebie is fine with me if the content is great.  If there is a freebie, I hope it’s good quality.  Nothing is more frustrating than making a layout and  paying to get it printed only to receive poor quality prints.

Some people believe they don’t have anything news worthy to say and it shows.  I don’t think all stores or designers have to have a newsletter but if you decide to do it, please do it right!  I’m sure it takes a lot of work to put together a good newsletter.  It probably takes quite a bit of work to put out a bad newsletter too.

All this to say, focus on doing the things you enjoy and that you’re good at.  If you’re not so great but you love it, then keep working at it.  Find a group of like minded ladies that will help, challenge and encourage you.  And have fun, you will get better fast!


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