Why Do You Scrapbook?

Why do you scrapbook?  A designer recently posted this question on her Facebook page.  I was never a big paper scrapper.  Actually I’ve only completed one paper scrapbook and I have an unfinished one but then I found digital scrapping and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I found digital scrapping out of necessity.  I wanted to make a “party favor” of sorts for all the family members that attended our first family reunion without spending a lot of money.  I had thought about making a Power Point presentation but that really wasn’t what I was looking for and making a paper scrapbook for everyone was just too expensive.  After doing some online research I found MyMemories Suite scrapbooking software.  It was perfect and so easy, there was a very small learning curve.

I was able to put together a lovely memory “book” for everyone which I set to music and burned to DVD.  It was really a family history of sorts.  The idea for a family reunion came about after my brother’s funeral.  Our family is spread across two states and the only time we’d all get together was for funerals!  The older generation were already passing, in the previous decade we’d lost my father and my older brother.

My son, niece and two nephews really worked at making all the plans for a reunion.  The cousins, as we call them, have really made an effort to keep in contact and remain close even though they’re separated by many miles.  So the DVD was much more than a reunion memory, it was a family heritage keepsake.  I collected old photos and tried to show highlights of ours lives as we grew up and had families of our own and they had families of their own too.  It brought back lovely memories and made everyone laugh and cry.

In the process, I became hooked on digital scrapping and found a community of people that share my love for scrapping.  We love our families and want to pass on some of our cherished memories.  We are our families memory keepers.

What about you?  Why do you scrapbook?




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