Selfies-A Sad Reflection

Selfies are a sad reflection of our self absorbed society.  Selfies are everywhere!  I am astonished, annoyed and a little perplexed at the volume of selfies on Facebook and Instagram.  I have many friends that seem to have become obsessed with posting these pictures of themselves every day.  Sometimes multiple times a day!  There is either the head shot taken with their phone camera, smiling and looking up slightly or the full body mirror shot.  Give me a break!  You really haven’t changed much since yesterday or two hours ago for that matter.  It’s narcissism run amuck.

I posed this comment on Facebook, “Why do some peeps insist on posting selfies multiple times a day/week?  It’s annoying and just seems sad. I just don’t get it I guess.”

Here are a few of the responses to my question.  One friend said she posts them to “update pics” and “because I feel good. Why is that sad?”.  Then from a couple of friends that don’t post selfies I got these responses, “narcissism?”, and “They have to feel good on Facebook…. very sad indeed! Needing constant validation from people you don’t even know is not healthy.”

Look at Me

The first friend took offense at the anti selfie comments and said as much.  She then told me to feel free to hide her posts or delete her if her selfies annoy me.  It was a general question not directed at any particular person but this friend promptly deleted (unfriended) me!  How narcissistic is that?  That response proved the validity of the other comments.

Selfies are synonymous with narcissism which is defined as an inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; and vanity.  Like Narcissus, they’ve fallen in love with their own reflection.  While they may say their selfies demonstrate how secure they are or that they feel so good about themselves, it really shows their insecurity and a need for approval and admiration.  Too many selfies are just sad.  Please stop the insanity!  The majority of your friends will appreciate it.


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