Get Ready for iNSD

It’s time to get ready for iNSD which is less than two weeks away.  If you’re new to digital scrapbooking you may be wondering what iNSD is all about.  It’s party time in the digi scrap world.  Although iNSD stands for interNational Scrapbooking Day it actually lasts several days.  The “day” is November 2 this year so it’s not too late to get ready.

As part of the celebration there will be loads of freebies from stores and designers worldwide.  They will also have loads of stuff you can buy of course.  My advice is to take some time now to organize your current stash so you will be prepared for the onslaught.  If you’re not uber organized already you’ll want to read Sharon Horswill’s article here.  Even if you are organized already there are some great ideas you may want to incorporate.

I create a temporary folder such as iNSD Nov 2013.  Then download everything I think I’ll use into that folder.  Then I go back later to deal with organization.  That’s when everything gets a second look and more consideration.  Some things are keepers and get filed appropriately and some things go into the trash bin.

So before you download another thing, spend some time sorting through what you already have.  You have a little over a week to get ready for iNSD.  Have fun!



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