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Get My Free eBook for International Scrapbook Day

In honor of International Scrapbook Day (iNSD) May 3rd, you can get my eBook Scrapbook Layout Sketches Volume 2 free.  If you are new to scrapbooking, or you’d just like some new layout ideas, you are going to find loads of help in this book.  The book will be available all day from midnight PST to midnight PST on May 3rd.  Click here to get your free book.

Scrapbook Layout Sketches Volume 2


If you find my book helpful and the layouts are appealing, please take a minute to give me a 5 star Amazon rating.  It will let me know I’m on the right track.  If you have any ideas for content you’d like to see in my next eBook you can comment on your review or on this post.

Thank you for the opportunity to let me serve you.

What About Close-Ups?

What about Close-ups?  I love them!  Digital cameras, and even cell phone cameras, have come a long way since their inception.  These fantastic cameras make it easy to snap tons of photos.  The quality has improved so much you can zoom in on those great shots to get fantastic close-ups.

When you use a very large close-up in your layout you may not need a lot of embellishments but by strategically placing them you can enhance the overall look.

In the example below, I used a picture I took today of our Mini-Schnauzer Sweetie.  She loves to hunt grasshoppers!  I was hoping to get several in a series of hunting shots but one got away and she was off to catch it.  But I love this shot!  The playful feel & muted, minimal embellishments enhance the pic while leaving room for the title “Hunting Grasshoppers”.  So keep going for that great shot, enlarge and crop it.  Close-ups are winners every time!

Hunting GrasshopperCredits: I used layout sketch #6 in my Kindle eBook “Scrapbook Layout Sketches-Volume 2”.  Click the image below to get the book.  The kit is One Fine Day by Kimeric Kreations.  Word Art Dancing Script and TXT Abrasive.

New Kindle eBook Free Weekend

This weekend I’m giving away free copies of my new Kindle eBook “Scrapbook Layout Sketches Volume 2”.  Yes, that’s right, you have the opportunity to pick it up for free.  After you’ve had the chance to look through, I’d appreciate it if you’d write a review on Amazon.  It’s not required, of course, but I would love to get your feedback and it will help others that may be looking for a book of sketches. Click on the cover image to be redirected to Amazon.

If you’re in the UK click this link Scrapbook Layout Sketches Volume 2

If you love it, and I hope you do, you may want to get Scrapbook Layout Sketches Volume 1. It’s not free but it’s got a lot of good information for only $2.99 US.

Scrapbook Layout Sketches Vol 2

Yes, it’s true, Scrapbook Layout Sketches Volume 2 is now available.  My second volume is full of sketches that will save you time by showing you exactly how to get the job done.  You can follow the sketches precisely or if you’re a more experienced scrapper you will have a foundation to build on.  You will find it here.

Scrapbook Layout Sketches Volume 2

Scrapbook Layout Sketches eBook on Amazon's Top 100

I’m very excited today because I found out my Kindle eBook “Scrapbook Layout Sketches” is on Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers List!  It came in at #20 in the Papercrafts category of Crafts & Hobbies and #91 in the Scrapbooking category of Crafts & Hobbies.  Yay!  Scrapbook Layout Sketches Top 100

I hope to move up in both categories over the next few weeks.  I would love it if I could get some good reviews.  While I think the book has a lot of great ideas, scrapbook sketches and color examples, it would be wonderful to have some positive encouragement from the many people that have purchased it.  So if you found the contents helpful, if you thought it was put together well, if you liked the sketches and examples, please log in to Amazon & take time to give me a 5 star review.  If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, you can get it by clicking the link below.  And when you finish “Scrapbook Layout Sketches” please take time to let me know what you think by giving me a book review.

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Sketchbooks

Some scrappers may wonder, “Who uses sketches?”, “What are they?”, “When would I use one?”, “Where do I start?”, and “Why would I need to use a sketch?”.  If you have found yourself asking these questions you’ll be interested in the article I posted here.

You may or may not need to use sketches.  You may need them some of the time but not all the time.  But if you are new to scrapping or find yourself needing a little push sometimes a sketch is one way to get you going.  So hop over and find answers to your questions if you’ve been wondering.

If you agree you need a little push in the right direction my Kindle eBook will help you.  It’s loaded with sketches and full color examples you can use right now.

Get My Layout Sketchbook Free Today!

If you haven’t already gotten my layout sketchbook, you can pick it up today FREE!  If you have hit a scrapping road block & need a little inspiration this eBook is what you need.  Scrapbook Layout Sketches gives you some great ideas & some full color examples to get your creative juices flowing again.  Scrapbook Layout Sketches is a Kindle eBook available here.  If you don’t have a Kindle you can download a Kindle reader for your PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry or Mac here.  So hurry on over & pickup my book for free today!

Scrapbook Layout Sketches

New eBook Coming Soon!

I’ve just published my first eBook which will be available soon.  Probably in the next 12-24 hours!  I’m excited to see how it’s received.  If you are a scrapper and you’re looking for some new layout ideas I hope you will check out my new sketch book.  I’ll be back with more information as soon as the publishing is complete.  Here’s the cover I designed using Kimeric Kreations kit Bright Side of the Road.

Scrapbook Layout Sketches