Hashtags Tell the Story

Hashtags are still somewhat of a mystery to me but I’ve realized I can use hashtags to tell the story on a scrapbook page.  My husband recently asked me to explain the use of hashtags. I couldn’t really give him a good explanation, because I still don’t really get it myself, but I can use them in a less conventional way that makes sense to me.  Hashtags can say it all.  They can tell the story!

Hashtag Feel the Burn

I love finding new and different ways to tell the story in a layout.  Sometimes a great title is all you need.  I’ve also used titles with subtitles to give a little more information.  One thing I especially like about using hashtags is they also tell a separate story about something that’s popular at a particular time in history.  #hashtags #tellthestory #saymorewithless


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