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Hashtags Tell the Story

Hashtags are still somewhat of a mystery to me but I’ve realized I can use hashtags to tell the story on a scrapbook page.  My husband recently asked me to explain the use of hashtags. I couldn’t really give him a good explanation, because I still don’t really get it myself, but I can use them in a less conventional way that makes sense to me.  Hashtags can say it all.  They can tell the story!

Hashtag Feel the Burn

I love finding new and different ways to tell the story in a layout.  Sometimes a great title is all you need.  I’ve also used titles with subtitles to give a little more information.  One thing I especially like about using hashtags is they also tell a separate story about something that’s popular at a particular time in history.  #hashtags #tellthestory #saymorewithless

Color Me Happy!

I am loving all the colorful kits coming out with the yellows, reds, oranges & blues, they just make me happy!  Fall and winter colors tend to be a bit depressing to me.  Then you’ve got the Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day drivel.  Sorry if I stepped on any toes but it would be nice if everyone didn’t jump on that band wagon.  But now it’s April, yay April!  Although there are, unfortunately, a lot of pastels for Easter there are also some gorgeous kits with yellows, reds, oranges & blues.  These colors make me very happy!

Color Me Happy!Kit used Happy Mess from Scrapyrus Designs.


Take Your Scrapping Skills to a Whole New Level with Art Journaling!

I LOVE art journaling, it is so creative and looks amazing!  It will take you scrapping skills to a whole new level.  In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about I’ve included some examples below of some awesome art journaling techniques.

art journaling

I’ve been looking for a tutorial for quite a while and now I’m so happy to have found a class “The Art of Journaling”.  As you can tell, from the examples above, this is not your everyday, run of the mill journaling.  This is art in and of itself.  So let me tell you more about the class.

art journaling class

Click this link Art of Journaling by Amanda Taylor to register.  This workshop starts March 3. It is actually three classes using Photoshop Elements 10+ or Photoshop CS4+.  It is skill level beginner to intermediate so you don’t need to be an expert in the software but you do need to be familiar with the product.  The workshop starts in 10 days so hurry on over and sign up.  I think it will be a lot of fun and it will definitely be an asset to your scrapbooking layout designs.  If you want to learn journaling as an art form click here.

Hot Trends in Scrapbooking!

I recently read an article about 5 hot trends to look for in scrapbooking this year.  Big companies always keep an eye on fashion and home decorating to see what to expect in other areas.  So here are the 5 trends predicted for spring 2014.  It should be easy to incorporate some of these trends and stay current with what’s hot without breaking the bank.

  • Neutrals-Black, white, grey and natural
  • Metallics-especially gold
  • Pops of bright colors
  • Handwriting
  • Travel themes