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There's More to Photo-Tiling Than Just Photos

I just posted a tutorial for a new feature of My Memories Suite v4.  It’s my favorite new feature and I’ve used it a lot.  I also like to do color-blocking in layouts and it finally occurred to me that I could probably use the photo tiling for color blocking as well.  After all there is technically no difference between a photo or a background paper.  So I’ve done a tutorial to show you how to do it too.  Please let me know if you find it beneficial.  You can also let me know if you have any questions.  Either way I hope to hear from you.  Click here to check out the tutorial.

I’ve also written a review of this feature at  If you’d like to read my brief review you’ll find it here.  Happy Scrapping!

How to use a quickpage

This *Short & Suite* video tutorial will walk you through using great designer QuickPages in your MyMemories Suite software! Check out these examples and MANY more in the Design Shop at

Here’s the video

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Another Option for Shapes

OK I gave you the tutorial to make and save octagon shapes in My Memories Suite so that you can use again & again but there is another option.  Did you know you can open a polygon shape, then click the edit button and add sides!  If you don’t see a future need but you want an octagon for a page you’re currently working on, you can make one this way.  You can use it on your current project but you can’t “save” it for future projects.  Here’s a snapshot of the screen.  If you open the polygon shape then choose the edit button, shown on the lower right of this snapshot, a little slider comes up & you can change the number of sides.  Thanks to Marshal Dillon (Arlene) for pointing this out to me. You rock!