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Funny Pages and Superheroes

If you have kids or grandkids of a certain age they probably love superheroes.  And people of all ages love the Sunday funny pages.  Am I right?  If this sounds appealing to you take a look at my tutorial on Scrapaneers blog about combining these into a cool layout using Photoshop Elements.  You can check it out here.

Here’s another layout based on the same tutorial but using a different kit.  I used the same photos and cut out but a different layout design and kit.

Kit: Super Heroes

Designer: Magical Scraps Galore

Sticker Action: Wendyzine Scraps

Using Extractions and Blend Modes in Photoshop Elements 15

If using extractions and blend modes in Photoshop Elements is still a bit of a mystery to you check out my tutorial here.  The more I see and use artistic effects the more I love them.  In this tutorial, I take you through my process step by step.  So follow along and add your own tricks to achieve an artistic layout you will love.  There are many ways to do things in Photoshop Elements and this is just one way.  So check it out and let me know what you think.

attitude and style

Kit: Precious  *  Designer: NBK Designs  *  Font: Master of Break  *  Font: TXT Abrasive


How to Recolor Styles Effectively in Photoshop Elements

How many times have you tried to recolor styles in Photoshop Elements but the result was all wrong?  The color you got wasn’t even close to what you were going for so you decided it wasn’t even possible.  Let me assure you it is!   I’ve written a tutorial on Scrapaneers blog to explain this process and how to get a perfect color match here.  I also have another tutorial using different Styles here.  I also explain what happens if you try to recolor Styles without going through these steps.  I suggest you check out both tutorials for a thorough understanding.  Thanks for looking.

Droplet Drag and Drop Templates

Have you tried the Droplet Drag and Drop templates for PSE15 yet?  They’re so easy you can complete a fabulous layout in five minutes or less.  What?? Yes, that’s right.  I have a new tutorial to show you just how easy it is.  You’re going to love it.  As a bonus, these templates can actually be used in Photoshop Elements versions 10-14 too.  The drag & drop feature was introduced with version 10 but the grouping included with these templates only works in PSE15. But it’s really no problem.  The paper or photo or journal card still resizes automatically and automatically clips to the Frame (photo box).  So check out my tutorial and give them a try!

Styles 101: The Color Overlay Part 2

Learn how to recolor Styles Effects in Styles 101: The Color Overlay Part 2.  Did you think you were stuck with the color selections created by the designer?  Well you are not!  Apply the Styles Effect of your choice then recolor it to match your layout.  Learn how here.

Here’s an example of what you can do.  Draw a shape add a Glass Button Style Effect (any color) then change it to coordinate with your layout.


Align, Space and Resize Using PaintShop Pro x6

Have you ever wondered how to easily align, evenly space or resize elements in PaintShop Pro x6?  It is very easy and I’m going to show you how.

Aligning in PSP Page 1

Resize & Space Page 2

There is also a Toolbar you can use if that’s your preferred method.

Align Distr Toolbar

As you can see, it’s super easy to align, evenly space & resize multiple items in PaintShop Pro.  This can save a lot of time.  Did you find this tip helpful?  Please comment and let me know what you think.  Thanks!

Photo Tiling Tutorial is Now Available

Have you seen any layouts using the photo tiling feature in My Memories Suite?  That is one of my favorite features added in version 4.  If you love the look too, I’ve created a tutorial to show you how to use photo tiling in your layouts.  You can find the tutorial here and I’ve included another example below using this feature.

This example is very similar to one of the layouts in the tutorial but for this layout I used the original photo for the entire background.  I also used the photo effect feature to change it to black & white.

What About Blog Posts-004

Basics Training Series

I’ve started a series of “basics” training articles comparing MyMemories Suite and MemoryMixer.  In the first article, posted today, we’ll compare prices, discounts available, system requirements, and briefly touch on the features of each program.  Many people have had questions regarding the differences and want to know which to buy.  I will dig deeper as the weeks go by and hopefully answer any questions you may have.  If you have a question you’d like answered, please comment on this post and I’ll do my best to be sure to cover it.  I hope you enjoy this series and covet any feedback or suggestions.  Next week we’ll look at the features of each program in more depth.  Check back often or follow my blog to keep up to date.  You’ll find the first article under the Basics Training tab or click here.


Basics Training Badge

A New Tutorial is Now Up!

Are you currently using MyMemories Suite to make you digital scrapbooks?  Are you interested in trying new things?  If you’re not already using it maybe you’re interested in seeing some of the things you can do!  I have a new tutorial I just completed about Making a Layout with Diagonal Papers using a Sketch.  You can find it here.