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How To Remove Front and Back Cover in My Memories Suite

Have you ever wished your album didn’t have pages designated for a front cover and a back page in My Memories Suite?  I have and I know others have asked about this.  It’s a very easy fix.

Get the appearance you want in two easy steps found herePageSpreadsGo to View> and check Page Spreads you’ll be able to view two pages side by side.

Photo Tiling Tutorial is Now Available

Have you seen any layouts using the photo tiling feature in My Memories Suite?  That is one of my favorite features added in version 4.  If you love the look too, I’ve created a tutorial to show you how to use photo tiling in your layouts.  You can find the tutorial here and I’ve included another example below using this feature.

This example is very similar to one of the layouts in the tutorial but for this layout I used the original photo for the entire background.  I also used the photo effect feature to change it to black & white.

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Setting Preferences

Setting preferences is a time saving feature available in both My Memories Suite and Memory Mixer scrapbooking software.  Do you find yourself using the same fonts, shadows or other features time and time again?  Did you know you can set your preferences to apply throughout an entire album?  Setting preferences will save you time and still give you freedom to tweak things when you want. To set preferences choose Edit> Preferences.

Edit PreferencesYou can set your preferred font for the album you are working on and each album can have the same or different preferences.  As you can see below, you can set the preferred font type & size, bold, italics, underline, alignment and color.

Font PreferencesYou can also change the shadows for each element so your photos, shapes, embellishments and text shadows are all uniform.  Although I set a default for my embellishments I tweak them based on their “thickness”.  Remember with digital scrapping you need to consider how thick an item would be if you were paper scrapping.  If I’m using an embellishment, such as a thick flower, that would stand off the paper more than other embellies I will decrease the opacity and increase the blur.  Thinner items would have a darker, sharper shadow (higher opacity with less blur).  I don’t add a shadow to text that would appear hand written so I wouldn’t set a shadow for text.  If I’m using text as a title that would traditionally be raised, I’ll add a shadow to it.

Shadow PreferenceIf you use the grid or snap to grid feature you can also set these preferences as well.  You can display the grid based on pixels, inches or millimeters.

Grid PreferencesIn addition, you can set the following items as desired.  Captions, if checked, will enable auto caption which will display the name of the photo file below the photo.  Photo Cache uses caching technology to store thumbnails and make loading quicker.  You can also show or hide warning messages.  These messages differ in each program.

I think setting your preferences is definitely worth the effort and will make your album uniform while allowing you to tweak the settings as desired.



Photo Tiling in My Memories Suite

Have you tried the My Memories Suite photo tiling feature yet?  I really love this technique and use it quite often.  In the scrapbook page below I used a couple of features available in My Memories Suite.  First I changed the larger photo color to sepia using photos effect.  Then I used the photo tiling feature to separate the original color photo across three photo boxes.  Once the photo is placed in the three boxes you can ungroup them and then work with each photo box individually to tweak the placement of each portion.  It’s a very versatile effect and a useful scrapbooking idea.

Photo Tiling in My Memories

How to Remove Guides in My Memories Suite

Would you like to know how to remove the trim guides when you’re working on your scrapbook pages in My Memories Suite?  Personally I find them distracting so I turn them off first before I start working on my layouts.  Here are a couple of ways to do it.

Turn Off Guides

Keep in mind that you don’t want to put text or embellishments close to the edge of your scrapbook page because it might get trimmed or be in the fold when printed.  Before having a scrapbook printed you might want to turn them back on (View> Guides> Trim Area) while you are proofing your album.